“We are

"Will it
go fast?"

Hey friends, have you seen
how cool the ebolt is?

Teens VS Parents
  • Wow! The stickers make it unique.
  • Super! I can reach 25 km/h without pedalling.
  • Wow! I've got a bike that's mine alone!
  • Wow! I can fit the accessories I want.
  • ebolt rocks! It goes everywhere.
  • Wow! Everyone will envy me.
  • Wow! I've got the moped before the moped.
  • It's super cool and really easy to handle.
Parents VS Teens
  • Perfect! You can have fun and maintenance will cost us only a few euros.
  • Excellent! It costs less than a moped.
  • We're not worried because it only reaches 25 km/h.
  • At least you'll stop asking us when you're getting a moped.