Hey friends, have you seen how cool the ebolt is?

Listen to this: ebolt is the first bike with motor-assisted pedalling designed for us. If you are also one of "our" group (if you are between 10 and 13 years old), you can enjoy this electric bike too.
This is what we are telling you: it's not an ordinary e-bike, it's an ebolt. No movement will ever be like it was before.

OK, OK, it was designed for you young people. But why ever should I buy you an electric bike?

We can tell you why we designed and made this bike. What were we aiming for? We wanted a new, extraordinary product that would make "sustainable mobility" a concept for the whole family. We are talking about the future, and the future has to bring people together, not separate them, that's what we said.
Hence the ebolt.

Come on, let's hear it: how much fun can we have with ebolt?
A lot. The new ebolt allows you to take long trips, on holiday or in town. Enjoy it every day: it is perfect for getting to school quickly and easily. So: if the school is nearby, you have fun, if it is farther away you have even more fun. With it you can move safely and easily even in city traffic. On trips you have great fun and you can take it on your incredible holidays, making them even more electric!
OK, it's new, it's innovative and youngsters like it a lot.
But won't it just be like a toy bike?
Don't even think about it: ebolt is exactly like a grown-up's bike. Technologically advanced, aesthetically attractive (with a few extra options exclusively for youngsters). Shall we look at some of the more technical details? ebolt is fitted with 20” wheels. Its brushless motor is located in the rear hub. The battery is fitted with Panasonoic lithium ion cells.
But if we use it a lot and recharging it is expensive, we'll never get it...
This is ebolt's super strong point: you can recharge it for only 0.05€* (*considering the average nocturnal rate of 0.15 €/kWh).
Won't it go too fast for my son? And what if the charge doesn't last long enough and you are away from home?
No problem: ebolt has a top speed of 25 km/h and an autonomy of as much as 80 km.
Kids can have fun in total safety. Then, it recharges in a flash: to give you an idea, ebolt charges from 0% to 100% in five hours, connected to any power socket. Simple and really strong.
If you don't have much time you can give it just a partial recharge: recharging for 15 minutes will ensure 5 km with assistance level 1.

What about the technology?
Of course. ebolt has an on-board computer that constantly shows you the status of the battery charge, the speed, the level of assistance (there are 4) and the remaining running time.
PS: Just remember that the autonomy varies depending on the level of assistance selected.
Come on: it's like having a moped before a moped. But if the charge is running out and we are still having fun?
ebolt has an "eco function" that is automatically activated when the battery goes below 15%: if you are riding in mode 3 or 4, you will continue your journey with moderate assistance, with the certainty of reaching your destination.
Okay, this is
our ebolt.
Too cool to do
without it.
Enjoy all its XXXL advantages.
ebolt is cool because it goes everywhere.

It can travel on all cycle tracks and in Limited Traffic Areas. It can travel even when traffic is prohibited because it has zero emissions!
ebolt goes even further because with the stickers you can make it unique and unmistakable.

The frame can be even more ebolted, enriching it with exclusive stickers that make it yours alone.