All about it


Cycle parts
Motor: Askoll Brushless rear motor, black in colour

Power: 250 W rated power

Top speed: 25 Km/h

Max Torque: 40 Nm

Assistance levels: 4 + walk assistance + soft start

Gears: Single-speed model
Removable battery
Type:Lithium ions

Capacity: 300 Wh

Voltage - Amperes: 36 V - 9 Ah

Weight - Charged: 2.6 kg

Charging time: 5 hours x 100%

Range: Up to 80 km
Dimensions: Lenght 147cm; Widht 70cm; Height 107cm;

Type of frame: Rigid

Material: Aluminium

Weight: 19 kg

Frame colour: Matt black / Matt white

Handlebar attachment: BMX with BMX attachment; black in colour

Saddle: Standard with black saddle pin

Wheels: 20" with black rims

Mudguards: Glossy black (optional)

Parcel rack: Standard rear rack as available on market (optional)

Lighting: LED front/rear* (*works on battery)

Brakes: V-brake front/rear